Reverse mortgage seminars for seniors

PTM Conference
for Reverse Mortgages

PTM is dedicated to providing accurate reverse mortgage information for seniors. Reverse mortgage has made huge positive impacts in the lives of many who have taken the loan and so PTM strives to make other seniors aware of the loan benefits so that they too can enjoy the loan features. 

While many seniors have benefited from the reverse mortgage loan program many are still unaware or even skeptical about reverse mortgage loans. To help inform and educate seniors, PTM was formed. Our activities also help to answer the lingering questions that many seniors may still have. Reverse mortgage reverses the equity of the home of the senior. The home is usually their only asset of value and so seniors deserves the most information they can get. 

Reverse mortgage loans are only available for seniors above 62 who have a home of their own. The loan reverses the accumulated equity on their home and thus affords them an opportunity to draw funds from that equity. They can draw funds as fixed monthly income or an open line of credit or even a combination of both. 

The uniqueness of reverse mortgage is that the senior beneficiary is not required to repay the loan as long as they reside in the home as their primary residence. They are not obligated to repay and do not even bear any risk of losing the home. The lender remains unpaid until the home is sold or the senior moves out of it. The funds from reverse mortgage loans have benefited many seniors to take better care of themselves during retirement. They do not have to move out from their home and do not have to be a burden to anyone.

PTM is poised to continue to provide needed information to help seniors. We partner with accredited reverse mortgage lenders to organize reverse mortgage seminars and workshops all over the country. The workshops provide seniors an opportunity to learn about reverse mortgages and even to sign for the loans.