Reverse mortgage seminars for seniors

Miami, FL Conference

PTM organizes a number of reverse mortgage workshops in various states and regions of the country. The aim of the seminars is to provide an avenue for seniors to access accurate reverse mortgage information from accredited professionals of the industry. The seminars usually feature speakers, reverse mortgage practitioners and counselors and Florida reverse mortgage lenders all at the disposal of the seniors in attendance.  

The Miami reverse mortgage workshop was held in February of 1998, in Miami, Florida. The Miami conference stands among the three most successful reverse mortgage seminars ever organized by PTM. Like previous PTM reverse mortgage seminars, the workshop featured a number of speakers and program geared to help the seniors become more informed about reverse mortgage loans.

A total of 1,405 seniors attended the event. Before the week of the vent seniors had already booked all available seats of the conference. Based on the expected large turnout, extra reverse mortgage counselors had to be arranged for and their presence were to prove very useful. As many as 800 seniors wanted a personal reverse mortgage counseling session with the reverse mortgage counselors. Some had to schedule for a session on a later date. 

The speakers talked on the features of reverse mortgage loans. The various types of the loans available and the unique features of each were also highlighted. Seniors also were told how to apply and qualify for reverse mortgage loans. A reverse mortgage counselor talked on the importance of counseling and how it can help a senior avoid possible pitfalls of reverse mortgage loans

While the seminar was designed to promote reverse mortgage loans the possible disadvantages of the loans were highlighted. Seniors were helped to identify circumstances where the loan would not be the best option. There were also a couple of seniors from the locality who came up to share their own experiences with reverse mortgage loans.