Reverse mortgage seminars for seniors

Our Workshops

PTM is a national organization formed to promote reverse mortgage loans. PTM regularly organizes reverse mortgage workshops and seminars all over the country. The seminars are usually aimed at promoting reverse mortgage information and helping seniors to better understand the mortgage loan program. 

Reverse mortgage loans are unique mortgage loans created to help seniors back during the Bush Administration. The aim of the loan from the very inception was to create an avenue for seniors who have worked for most of their lives to be able to derive benefits from their labor when retired. It affords an easier way for seniors to access steady income. 

PTM organized seminars and reverse mortgage workshops are held in various cities across the country. The seminars usually feature talks and short speeches from experienced reverse mortgage professionals and counselors. The seminars cover reverse mortgage topics aimed at helping seniors make informed reverse mortgage decisions.  

PTM usually works with a number of accredited reverse mortgage lenders in the region where the seminar is organized. At the end of the seminars after the counseling sessions, interested seniors can sign up for reverse mortgage loan. 

Seniors should try to attend any of our PTM organized workshops on reverse mortgages. The seminar makes them well informed as they get to hear from professionals in the industry, they also hear from other seniors who have benefited from the loans in the past. The one-on-one counseling sessions at the end helps them do a self assessment to determine if the loan would benefit them, they also get free advice and can have their personal questions answered and at the end if they wish they can simply sign up for the loan with any of the accredited lenders present.